Time to act.

Not a day goes by without articles appearing in the press handling problems such as suicide, depression, obesity, poverty and isolation of children. The number of kids born in vulnerable families is troubling.

Fact, figures and observations

17 % of the Belgian Population

1,5 million people live below the poverty line. Families without jobs, one-parent families and immigrants are the most vulnerable and threatened with social exclusion.

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420.000 children in Belgium

According to the latest figures 420.000 children in Belgium live below the poverty line.

A vicious circle. Belgium is one of the countries where it is very difficult to pull through

Our objectives

  • Children are not responsible of their family situation.
  • It is up to us, adults, to look for solutions. We are convinced that by giving children a chance to practice a sport we give them the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Sport teaches the value of effort and how to manage victory, as well as defeat. It teaches us how to persevere in our commitments. It develops our self-confidence, our discipline and feeds our need to belong to a group. It is important of our personal development.
  • The regular physical activity which sport provides, naturally makes people physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. It is not only a school of life. It is fun, it makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives us energy, a purpose and it should be accessible for every child.
  • All of the above explains the goal of MW Fund: Every child has the right to practice a sport !

Our charter

To benefit of the support of MW Fund, families, ground associations and non-profit organization communities and sport clubs commit themselves to respect our charter. Those who stay committed to our charter, will earn the label MW Fund.

Download the charter